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Telecom Consulting

We work to supply consistent telecommunication consultancy services throughout Hong Kong South East Asia. We work with a number of leading infrastructure firms and service providers from start ups all the way up to big PTTs. 
By working as telecommunication consultants we have had the opportunity to work with many clients throughout Hong Kong and multinational areas to deliver a focused expertise. The team that we have built has an extensive understanding of the telecommunications network in our region as well as major telecommunications challenges that affect many businesses in the area. Whether you are interested in getting started with a brand-new business or you are interested in improving your current state of 
affairs with telecommunications, our staff can consult with you to provide ongoing improvements for the future.
Typical projects for our company include cost reduction audits, mobile procurements as well as regional fixed technology improvements. We can deliver telecommunications expense management for a variety of different industries as well as deliver ongoing support from local subject experts. 
We deliver all of our KRUNITNO consultancy projects through a single global point of contact ensuring that you have access to a single professional for your telecommunication consultancy needs. Each one of our partners works independently and with clients in 
specific industries for cost-effective service that can be carried out in the most efficient processes.
In KRUNITNO we are extremely committed to delivering quality services and help you to cut costs while delivering improvements in your telecommunication. Communications throughout Hong Kong and internationally need to be kept technically accurate and extremely cost-effective in order for a business to continue operating effectively. We can help you accomplish your utmost communication goals and cut down on costs over time. We offer services that are convenient, stable and effective. 
Please contact us today if you are interested in working with KRUNITNO officials to start a dialogue about your telecommunications needs.

About Us

Our company was first established in the year 2014 as a team of consultants services handling telecommunication needs for companies throughout Hong Kong. Our officials have an extensive knowledge of the Asian mutation network and we work with a number of infrastructure firms as well as professional service providers. We ideally work with anyone including big PTTs to medium companies and startups. 
Our consultancy services were originally designed to assist with new business plans as well as changes in business technology. We can deliver marketing and technical communications that can help you cut costs, improve your customer service as well as deliver a better level of communication.
The main goal of our service is to deliver quality customer service interactions with every potential customer. We want to establish long-standing relationships with anyone that we work with and continue consulting to provide improved business plans and market conditions for our clients. We want to act as your telecommunications partners so that you can offer the best to your customers in turn.
As a result of wanting to provide these ideal customer service experiences, we have crafted a team of the finest  telecommunications experts in management consultants.
We offer project managers were capable of delivering expertise in almost any industry. We started with a group of 10 leading experts in telecommunications field and today we have expanded to offer a considerable staff size that can take our competitors companies into the future with new upgrades in services and telecommunications changes that are designed to keep up with the digital age of marketing, communications and business operations. 
If you are interested in working with us or even working for us, please contact our staff today and we would be happy to discuss more.


KRUNITNO offers business consultancy services within the telecommunications industry. We offer support for improvements in technology, business marketing and more. Some of the main services that we have the offer comes through freelancing and contract so that we can make our services as flexible as possible for our customers. Here are some of the main consultancy services that we offer at KRUNITNO to our customers across almost every industry

New Business Plans Consultancy 

If you are starting a new business, it's extremely important that you have the correct infrastructure available to handle the needs of your industry totally. By hiring a business consultant to handle the infrastructure of your telecommunications needs to begin with you can make sure that you are ready to hit the ground running on day one. We can prepare a business plan for your telecommunication needs as well as detail some of the best in technology and customer service that you could put into practice with your business.

Entering a New Market

f you're planning on entering into a new market it's a supremely important that you leverage all of the technology that's available to you within the telecommunications industry here. With the help of our consultancy services you can leverage items like mobile, new technology within the infrastructure of telecommunications and more. Planning future expansion throughout emerging markets is a smart move for many businesses today but without an ally in the telecommunications field you could be left behind by your competition quite easily. We can brief you on current market conditions as well as what your competition may be doing to stay ahead in your industry.

System Service Upgrades

if you're still using relatively old systems for telecommunications and customer service it's extremely important that you regularly upgrade using the newest in technology. We can identify some of the latest technology in your field to ensure that you can combine the best in marketing solutions, technology solutions and business services within the telecommunications market. By future proofing your business using telecommunications you can continuously offer your customers the best in service available. Your customer service and communications networks would require extensive work especially if you haven’t been keeping up with current technology. Let our consultants perform an official audit of your business so that you can springboard your customer service department into the future.

Contact Us

Contact our staff today to take advantage of any one of these top services via contract or freelance solutions. We are consistently available to our customers and want to be a consultancy partner for you within the telecommunications industry. Our staff and customer service department stand at the ready to answer any inquiries that you may have about our services.

If you're interested in learning more about our services in the business, technology and marketing industry please contact KRUNITNO today. Take a look through our website to see more about the consultancy services in the telecommunications field. Our customer service department is available during standard business hours throughout Hong Kong to answer any of the inquiries that you may have. Please contact us via phone, web form, email and more. 

Address: 88, Container Port Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories

Email –

Telephone - (852) 2403 4111